The semiotic construction of masculinity and affect: A multimodal analysis of media texts

Sônia Maria de Oliveira Pimenta, Cláudia Natividade



The aim of this paper is to observe changes in the semiotic construction of masculine identities as a dynamic flux of social representations mediated by the multimodal aspect of texts (sensory modality, salience, behaviour and point of view).  The study compares previous research data from a magazine article of 2003 and its cover- page to four adverts of the 2005 edition and three recent adverts published in the 2008 edition of the same magazine, so as to perceive how they position readers ideologically in order to (1) detect how masculinity is discursively represented in its heterogeneity connected, ideologically, with power relations, vanity and emotions and (2) define their identities as consumers of goods and services.


Emotions; Masculine Identity; Semiotic Construction; Multimodality


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