The lagoon a study in imagery

Carmen Gago Alvarez


The purpose of this paper is to prove that, through exuberant sensuous imagery - the strange tropical setting, the mystery of elements, light and darkness - Joseph Conrad, in his short-story "The Lagoon" describes and transmits Impressionistically, the dramatic story of a men surprised by his own act of cowardice, a man divided between loyalty to his own blood and love.
This man, Arsat suffers a blockaded feeling towards
himself because he failed to act when he had the occasion,
and he missed it: he left his brother to die in the hands of the enemy while he. Arsat, escaped with his love Diamelen, to live in the "shadows" of "The Lagoon" - his own psychological, subconscious guilty conscience. The story starts with a description of nature, as motionless, and undefined as the plot still is:
The forests, somber and dull, stood motionless
and silent...
In the stillness of the air
... minute blossoms seemed do have been
bewitched into an immobility perfect and
final. Nothing moved on the river (1)


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