A Modern Dunciad

Anita Flanders Rebelo


"Push-button war demands a woman's touch!" shrills Nason's
twentieth century goddess Dullness, (in his book length poetic
plagiarism of Pope's mock epic Dunciad), as she reestablishes
her Empire in the modern New World by masking, cancelling, and
attacking Progress and Liberty in a lustful attempt to destroy
the Moral and Emotional content of poetry. She sluttishly breeds
and fosters the Dunces of the literary kingdom of today, (Pope's
Dunces were the poet Laureates of his day), and sallies brazenly
everywhere in the company of her muses Self-Service, Smuggnes,
sadism, and "sweet Anality", so light and fair,/ Enlaced with
tender plaits her public hair".


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Copyright (c) 1979 Anita Flanders Rebelo

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