Selections Prom the Writing of Laura (Riding) Jackson

Anita Flanders Rebelo


I swear to strive for a perfect impartiality. . . not to
hate or do malice to the hating. . ." chirps "dove of peace" Laura (Riding) Jackson in her "Conclusory letter for Everyone" - she has just preached against eud's "longwindedness" anespeculation",
chastised "A Young Scholastic" for calling her a genius, (This kind of categorization belongs to a market-place. . .) caustically labell ed D. H. Lawrence's writings as being "reference-to-himself". . .
which in the end contributes nothing to the,reader", and sweetly belittled and debunked her ex-"pal" Hart Crane, atributing". . . habitual disorganized private behavior, a crazy-pattern dominated by drunken exuberance verging on hysteria and desperately wilful excursions into homosexual experience. . . to be a consequence of gradual resort to forced spontaneity. . ."


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