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n. 50 (2006) Language(s) and identity(ies) in French society Resumo   PDF
Henri Jeanjean
n. 50 (2006) The representation of women in Japanese written media Resumo   PDF
Seiko Yasumoto
n. 50 (2006) English across cultures: adapting to new realities Resumo   PDF
Valentyna Skybina
n. 50 (2006) Echoes from teacher discourse: an inside-out perspective Resumo   PDF
Adriana de Carvalho Kuerten Dellagnelo, Jose Luiz Meurer
n. 50 (2006) Coagulated Rhythm [Review of Li, Li Fang and Hai Tao Yang. Coagulated Rhythm: the Theoretical Framework and Aesthetic Interpretation of Naxi Musical Iconography. Kunming: Yunnan People’s Press, 2002, iii+337]. Resumo   PDF
Paul Y. Cheung
n. 50 (2006) A Multitude of Latino Shakespeares [Review of Kliman, Bernice W. and Rick J. Santos (ed.). Latin American Shakespeares. Cranbury: Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2005. 347 pp.] Resumo   PDF
Lola Aromovich
n. 49 (2005) Shakespeare in Japan’s zen philosophy: the plays of nothing at the theatre of nothing Resumo   PDF
Yoshio Arai
n. 49 (2005) Escaping from allegories:cat’s eye and King Lear Resumo   PDF
Caroline Cakebread
n. 49 (2005) Textual appropriation: totalitarian violence in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Resumo   PDF
Anna Stegh Camati
n. 49 (2005) Bowdlerizing or maximizing? Two strategies to render Shakespeare’s sexual puns In nineteenth-century spain Resumo   PDF
Laura Campillo Arnaiz
n. 49 (2005) “All the proportions are changed”: twelfth night and the evolution of the concept and practice of mise en scène in Portugal Resumo   PDF
Paulo Eduardo Carvalho
n. 49 (2005) Elusiveness of revenge and impossibility of tragedy: Shakespeare’s Hamelt and Pirandello’s Enrico IV Resumo   PDF
Carla Dente
n. 49 (2005) The real thing? Adaptations, transformations and burlesques of Shakespeare, historic and post-modern Resumo   PDF
Manfred Draudt
n. 49 (2005) Staging sexual difference: the cultural appropriation of Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth in Eighteenth-Century England and Germany Resumo   PDF
Sonja Fielitz
n. 49 (2005) Contrasting fortunes: lope in the uk/Shakespeare in Spain Resumo   PDF
Keith Gregor
n. 49 (2005) Editing for performance: Dr Johnson and the stage Resumo   PDF
Peter Hollland
n. 49 (2005) Where is shakespeare? Locality and performative translation Resumo   PDF
Alexander C. Y. Huang
n. 49 (2005) “My hand is ready, may it do him ease”: Shakespeare and the theatre of display Resumo   PDF
Michael Mangan
n. 49 (2005) Disney’s “war efforts”: the lion king and Education for death, or Shakespeare made easy For your apocalyptic convenience Resumo   PDF
Alfredo Michel Modenessi
n. 49 (2005) “Perplex’d in extreme”, or [in]fidelity in translation: reading and performing Resumo   PDF
Miguel A. Montezanti
n. 49 (2005) Women take the island: nation, profession, place Resumo   PDF
Ruth Morse
n. 49 (2005) Shakespeare arean hypertexts in communist Bulgaria Resumo   PDF
Alexander Shurbanov
n. 48 (2005) Disability as diversity:a difference with a difference Resumo   PDF
G. Thomas Couser
n. 48 (2005) Manufaturando dissidência: performance e política em the Noam Chomsky Lectures Resumo   PDF
Sonia Torres
n. 48 (2005) The poetics and politics of identity at the Crossroads of cultural difference and Resumo   PDF
Roland Walter
n. 48 (2005) Bowker, L. et al., eds. Unity in diversity? current trends in translation studies. Resumo   PDF
Maria Lúcia Vasconcellos
n. 48 (2005) Ware, Vron (org.). Branquidade:identidade branca e multiculturalismo Resumo   PDF
Ramayana Lira
n. 48 (2005) Beyond “fixed” and “mixed” racial paradigms: Resumo   PDF
Laura Lomas
n. 48 (2005) Homophobia in an intercultural context Resumo   PDF
David William Foster
n. 48 (2005) Diversity and/or difference? Detalhes   PDF
Eliana de Souza Ávila
n. 47 (2004) Polissemia sistemática em substantivos Resumo   PDF
Margarida Basílio
n. 47 (2004) Lexical facets and metonymy Resumo   PDF
D. Alan Cruse
n. 47 (2004) Licensing by modification Resumo   PDF
Veneeta Dayal
n. 48 (2005) Neither sword nor pen: phallacious impotence Resumo   PDF
Eliana de Souza Ávila
n. 47 (2004) Interpretation as conflict resolution Resumo   PDF
Henriëtte de Swart, Joost Zwarts
n. 47 (2004) A realidade da incorporação de anglicismos Resumo   PDF
Maria Helena de Moura Neves
n. 47 (2004) Semântica e representações do sentido Resumo   PDF
Rodolfo Ilari, Renato Miguel Basso
n. 47 (2004) Introduction semantics: lexicon, grammar and use Detalhes   PDF
Roberta Pires de Oliveira, Apóstolo Nicolacópulos
n. 50 (2006) Preface Detalhes   PDF
José Luiz Meurer, keizo Nanri, Makoto Sasaki, Seiko Yasumoto
n. 49 (2005) Shakespeare’s drama: appropriation on page, stage, and celluloid. Detalhes   PDF
José Roberto O’Shea, Daniela Lapoli Guimarães, Stephan Arnolf Baumgärtel
n. 41 (2001) Observing efl classrooms in primary or secondary schools: a research task in applied linguistics Resumo   PDF
Viviane Heberle
n. 47 (2004) Non-conflicting violations of grammatical constraints? Logophoric reflexives, peculiar passives, and gricean implicatures Resumo   PDF
Sergio de Moura Menuzzi
n. 47 (2004) Semântica by Gennaro Chierchia. Rodolfo Ilari, Luiz Arthur Pagani e Lígia Unicamp e Londrina: EDUEL.2003 Resumo   PDF
Claudio Gonçalves
n. 47 (2004) From Etymology to Pragmatics: Metaphorical and Cultural Aspects of Semantic Structure by Eve Sweetser. Resumo   PDF
Robson de Souza Bittencourt
n. 50 (2006) Ideological changes identified in and through Linguistic expressions: what should stand for Korea in Chinese, chaoxian1 or Hanguo ? Resumo   PDF
Stanley Zhongwei Song
n. 49 (2005) Translational implications: History and multilingualism in Henry V Resumo   PDF
M. Gomes da Torre
n. 46 (2004) Towards a systemic functional model for comparing forms of discourse in academic writing Resumo   PDF
Meriel Bloor
n. 46 (2004) Systemic functional linguistics and a theory of language in education Resumo   PDF
Frances Christie
n. 46 (2004) Corpus linguistics, systemic functional grammar and literary meaning: a critical analysis of harry potter and the philosopher’s stone Resumo   PDF
Andrew Goatly
n. 46 (2004) Marked or unmarked, that is not the question. The question is: where’s the theme? Resumo   PDF
Carlos A. M. Gouveia, Leila Barbara
n. 46 (2004) Looking at the “mental picture of reality” of an efl teacher: a systemic functional analysis Resumo   PDF
Luciani S. de O Malatér
n. 46 (2004) Prosodic ‘structure’: grammar for negotiation Resumo   PDF
J. R. Martin
n. 46 (2004) Systemic functional grammar: a tool to investigate the lexicogrammatical complexification of advanced portuguese-efl interlanguage Resumo   PDF
Pedro H. L. Praxedes Filho
n. 46 (2004) Interview with David G. Butt Detalhes   PDF
David Butt, Jose Luiz Meurer
n. 43 (2002) The spontaneous use of Hebrew verb forms by Israeli preschool children with and without sli Resumo   PDF
Esther Dromi, Anat Blass
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