Information For Librarians

Proofreading Instructions Generic OJS Version The proofreading stage is intended to catch any errors in the galley's spelling, grammar, and formatting. More substantial changes cannot be made at this stage, unless discussed with the editor. Proofread the galley version in HTML, PDF or other file format. The text needs to be read closely in only one version for spelling and grammatical errors, while checked for formatting in each version. For Spelling and Grammar Errors Copy the problem word or groups of words and paste them into the Comment box with "CHANGE-TO" instructions to the editor as follows... 1. CHANGE then the others TO than the others 2. CHANGE Malinowsky TO Malinowski For Formatting Errors Describe the location and nature of the problem in the Comment box after typing in the title "FORMATTING" as follows... 3. FORMATTING The numbers in Table 3 are not aligned in the third column. 4. FORMATTING The paragraph that begins "This last topic..." is not indented.