A long and winding road: the difficult work of translating written texts in Brazil

Patricia Maria dos Santos Santana


The translation trade became essential in our society.  In the beginning of the twentieth, the first translations were done in Portugal. After sometime, translators in Brazil also started this new activity.  Due to the globalization moment in which we live in, the act of translating texts from one language into another is useful and important because a translation can save time for those who are not proficient in a specific language. Therefore, translation turns communication fast.  However, the translators are not free to do whatever they want to because they must follow the rules and the ideas proposed by the commissioners behind the publishing houses. In other words, as the commissioners pay, the commissioners order. After reading the original text, the translator will rewrite in the target language the information from the original text, but respecting the translation brief given by the commissioner.  The necessity of discussing solutions for these problems found during the translation trade is the main purpose of this paper.


Translation, Translator, Commissioner, Publishing-House, Use of words

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