Elopomorpha leptocephali from Southern Brazil: a new report of Albula sp. (Albulidae) and first record of Elops smithi (Elopidae) in Brazilian waters

Carlos Alberto Santos de Lucena


Although adult specimens of Albula and Elops have already been captured in the coast of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil, the occurrence of their larvae leptocepahli is recorded for the first time. Two leptocephali (44.5 and 47.1mm SL) of Albula and five (25 to 33mm SL) of Elops smithi collected at Tramandai beach, near the estuarine region, are presented. The species E. smithi (known as malacho in its area of occurrence) is recorded for the first time in the Brazilian coast, considerably increasing its distribution from northern South America, the Caribbean region, Gulf of Mexico, and along the East Coast of North America to Southern Brazil. It is likely that the records of Elops saurus in Brazil correspond to E. smithi.


Fishes; Larvae; Malacho; State of Rio Grande do Sul; Ubarana

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5007/2175-7925.2012v25n4p297

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