Design Workshops for Social Innovation

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Teresa Cláudia Magalhães Franqueira Baptista
João Nunes Sampaio


Objective: This article describes a set of workshops design-driven methodology that has explored the social entrepreneurship and social innovation dimensions to empower local communities.

Value: The workshops were organized by a multidisciplinary team from University of Aveiro (Design, Social Sciences and Governance, Management and Economics, among others), and were requested by 11 municipalities of the Aveiro Region in order to promote services based in sustainable lifestyles, active citizenship, social inclusion, cultural diversity and new economic models. The workshops intended to develop services based on social entrepreneurship between local communities and alumni from the University of Aveiro.

Design/Methodology: The workshops included a number of phases dedicated to the explanation of concepts, examples and current opportunities for entrepreneurship and social innovation, Design exercises on which participants went through several phases, generating possible solutions in the framework of a service concept for their communities, and also a session with a Management and Economic team, in order to build a sustainable financial scenario. The workshops were organized in 4 themes according to the opportunities previously mapped in the region: Health & Care; Agriculture & Food; Tourism & Sustainable Development; Cultural Heritage Preservation. 

Results: Each workshop has resulted in 2 or 3 service ideas.

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