Reconhecidos e violados pela lei internacional: os direitos humanos dos pobres do mundo


  • Thomas Pogge


Various human rights are widely recognized in codified and customary international law. These human rights promise all human beings protection against specific severe harms that might be inflicted on them domestically or by foreigners. Yet, international law also establishes and maintains institutional structures that greatly contribute to violations of these human rights: Fundamental components of international law systematically obstruct the aspirations of poor populations fordemocratic self-government, civil rights, and minimal economic sufficiency. And central international organizations, like the WTO, IMF, and World Bank, are designed so that they systematically contribute to the persistence of severe poverty.

Biografia do Autor

Thomas Pogge

"Professor de Filosofia e Assuntos Internacionais na Universidade Yale, Professorial Fellow no Centro de Filosofia Aplicada e Ética Pública (Universidade Nacional da Austrália) e Diretor de Pesquisas no Centro para o Estudo da Mente na Natureza (Universidade de Oslo). Seu último livro é World Poverty and Human Rights, Cambridge, Polity Press, 2008."