Is Our Hope Cyborg? Subalternity, Recognition and “Tretas” on the Internet

Mário Felipe de Lima Carvalho


This article is based on considerations about the limits and potentialities in the
production of solidarity, through reciprocal recognition, in social interactions mediated by
technology, involving mainly trans activists. Based on concepts of symbolic interactionism in
face-to-face social interactions, I regard the conflicts present in political interactions on the
internet and the transformation of “potential allies” into “enemies” or “adversaries” in the political
struggle. In this analysis, I try to understand the political-academic exchanges involving categories
such as “subalternity” and “intersectionality” in order to enter the delicate debate about the
greater or lesser appreciation of political positions based on the “standpoint” of the subject and
of his or her interlocutor


Brazil; Recognition; Subalternity; Social Movements; Internet

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