About the internet imaginary and its evolution


  • Xavier Malbreil Université de Toulouse II




In this article, «About the Internet Imaginary and its evolution», which short version was first published in December 2006 on the Contemporaneous Art International Center (CIAC) Electronic Magazine of Montréal, http://www.ciac.ca/magazine/sommaire.htm, I put the focus on the Internet Imaginary evolution, in a historical and philosophical way. Since more than 150 years, writers, poets, philosophers have imagined that some day, the networks will allow man to be near to anyone, near to the artworks, near to the books etc... So, after having clarify in what meaning I use the term «imaginary», I try to look at some art works, some social behaviours, that shows us something as an Internet Imaginary, and the evolution of this imaginary. First, I notice how the networks have been the scene of contact and travel, since Marcel Proust «Telephone Ladies» to the novel Neromancer. Secondly, I search how men have conquered Internet to make him a place to stay, and to accumulate immateriel goods – which will correspond to the web 2.0. And last, I show , how Internet has act as a substitute scene of religion, and how the evil has taken its place on it. My article has the aim to analyse the distorsions between the real social network that Internet is and how the imaginary as depict it – so that we can see it how it is realy.