Writing Out, Reading In: The Poetic Persona on Young Blogging Writers

Laura de la Parra Fernández


In this paper I analyse the work by young blogging North American writers, whose presence on the Internet shapes and defines the main features of their literature. As a main difference regarding traditional literature, what stands out is the effect that the exposure of an “Internet poetic persona” as well as a confessional-narcissistic tone creates on the reader. Since Internet behaviour can also be read as part of a performance, the reader constructs the text taking into account all the data surrounding the author such as participation in social networks. Author-reader interaction is a key point even before the publishing market enters the scene and mediates between the two. Thus, the reader is more involved and active in the writing and publishing process than ever.


Poetry; Internet; Blog; Social networks

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5007/1807-9288.2012v8n1p127

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