Quality assurance systems of higher education - The case of european institutions: origin, evolution and trends


  • Ángela Corengia Universidad Austral
  • Juan Carlos Del Bello Universidad Nacional de Río Negro
  • María Pita Carranza Universidad Austral
  • Cecilia Adrogué UdeSA-Universidad Austral-CONICET




Quality assurance systems, quality audits, higher education in Europe


The purpose of this research is to analyze the origin, evolution, performance and trends of higher education quality assurance systems in the following European countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and France. It also studies the performance and impact of the organizations that join the European Quality Assurance Agencies together. The main sources of data collection were in situ semi-structured interviews to members of these agencies. It was found that in higher education institutions there is a strong trend towards the development of ‘internal quality assurance systems' in response to the public policies known as 'quality audits'. This overview about what is taking place in Europe may provide innovative instruments that could be considered for higher education quality evaluation and accreditation in Latin-American countries: quality audits, disciplinary agencies, evaluation of the quality assurance agencies, among others.

Biografia do Autor

Ángela Corengia, Universidad Austral

Directora de Evaluación Institucional en Universidad Austral - Argentina

Juan Carlos Del Bello, Universidad Nacional de Río Negro

Rector de la Universidad Nacional de Río Negro

María Pita Carranza, Universidad Austral

Oficina de Evaluacion Institucional de la Universidad Austral

Cecilia Adrogué, UdeSA-Universidad Austral-CONICET

Becaria Postdoctoral del CONICET en la Universidad de San Andres y profesora adjunta de la Universidad Austral.