The Value(s) of a Story: theories, models and cognitive values


  • Isabelle Peschard University of Twente/San Francisco State University



This paper aims 1) to introduce the notion of theoretical story as a resource and source of constraint for the construction and assessment of models of phenomena; 2) to show the relevance of this notion for a better understanding of the role and nature of values in scientific activity. The reflection on the role of values and value judgments in scientific activity should be attentive, I will argue, to the distinction between models and the theoretical story that guides and constrains their construction. The aim of scientific activity is to develop understanding of phenomena, and something that serves this aim and contributes to the development of understanding has a cognitive value. Cognitive values are the features that something that plays a role in scientific activity should have so that it can serve its aim. I will focus my attention on the features of the theoretical story and of the models.

Author Biography

Isabelle Peschard, University of Twente/San Francisco State University

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Assistant Professor , San Francisco State University Professor Assistente da Universidade Estadual de San Francisco Area of specialization Área de especialização
Philosophy of Science, Models Filosofia da Ciência, Modelos Philosophy of Mind (Embodied Cognition) Filosofia da Mente (cognição corporificada) Areas of competence Áreas de competência Epistemology, Philosophy and History of Science, Philosophy of Mind Epistemologia, Filosofia e História da Ciência, Filosofia da Mente Mechanics, Fluid mechanics Mecânica, Mecânica de Fluidos.