Epistemologic controversy on quantum operators


  • Rafael-Andrés Alemañ-Berenguer University Miguel Hernández




Since the very begining of quantum theory there started a debate on the proper role of space and time in it. Some authors assumed that space and time have their own algebraic operators. On that basis they supposed that quantum particles had “coordinates of position”, even though those coordinates were not possible to determine with infinite precision. Furthermore, time in quantum physics was taken to be on an equal foot, by means of a so-called “Heisenberg’s fourth relation of indeterminacy” concerning time and energy. In this paper, the proper role of space and time in the core of non-relativistic quantum phsysics is analyzed. We will find that, rigorously, that relation for time and energy shows a different root. For the role of space, it will be discussed that there is no “coordinate of position” in the conceptual structure of quantum physics because quantum particles are not point-like objects.

Author Biography

Rafael-Andrés Alemañ-Berenguer, University Miguel Hernández

Professor do Dpt. of Material Sciences, Optics and Electronic Tecnology University Miguel Hernández