A Rational Approach to Soft Rationality

Moti Suess


Vagueness is commonly presented as natural language imprecise meaning that is analyzed as borderline cases and formalized in various ways by ‘classical’ theories of vagueness. A different approach to vagueness is presented here, adopting Dascal’s notion of ‘soft rationality’ and interpreting it as the use of ‘similarity’ rather than ‘analysis’ for the understanding of natural language terms. Soft rationality is suggested as a theory of vagueness that remains within the realm of intensionality, rather than seeking a formalized extensional explanation to vagueness.



Abstraction; hard rationality; logic; reason; similarity; soft rationality; understanding; vagueness

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5007/1808-1711.2011v15n2p349

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