A construção da experiência perceptiva: o que isso quer dizer?


  • Gary Hatfield Department of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania.




Classical constructivists such as Rock and Hoffman contend that the processes of perception are intelligent and construct perceptual experience by going beyond the stimulus information or by creating a percept that deviates from the physical properties of the object. On these terms, Gibson’s theory of perception is anti-constructivist. After reviewing classical constructivism, this article maintains, first, that the phenomenology of visual space shows a deviation from physical spatial properties, by being contracted in depth, even under fullcue conditions, a fact that makes trouble for Gibson’s version of direct realism. Second, independently of the first argument, it contends that perception is pervasively constructed in the sense that stimulus information must be transformed to yield perception. Accordingly, perception is radically constructed in its very bones.

Author Biography

Gary Hatfield, Department of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania.

Seybert Professor of Philosophy
Adam Seybert Professor in Moral and Intellectual Philosophy Director, Visual Studies Undergraduate Program (& Sector A advisor)
Center for Cognitive Neuroscience;Graduate Group, History and Sociology of Science