Experiências, conhecimento fenomenal e materialismo

Wilson Mendonça, Julia Telles Menezes


The claim that at least some of our mental states have qualitative, phenomenal features to which we have privileged cognitive access is intuitively plausible. Nevertheless, the claim is considered by many philosophers to be incompatible with a physicalist ontology. Some radical physicalists prefer simply to deny the existence of the qualitative character of our mental states, whereas other physicalists try to reinterpret the knowledge of the phenomenal character of our experience as the acquisition of an ability, i.e., as a sort of know-how in opposition to the acquisition of an information (know-that). The paper presents and examines critically some recent attempts to compatibilize the sui generis nature of phenomenal knowledge with the materialist claim that the content of this sort of knowledge is constituted entirely by physical facts.



Qualia; phenomenal knowledge; phenomenal concepts; epistemic contextualism.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5007/1808-1711.2011v15n3p415

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