Consuming Carmen Miranda: Dislocations and Dissonances in the Reception of an Icon

Fernando de Figueiredo Balieiro


From the perspective of cultural studies, in its dialogs with feminist and queer studies, this article analyzes the identification of various publics with Carmen Miranda based on the consumption of her filmic, musical and artistic products, accessing her professional trajectory in its imbrication with its various forms of reception. The focus will be on the negotiations of the artist with her publics, touching on how her career involved reconfigurations concerning aspects of gender, race and sexuality. It is based on a perspective that considers the dynamism of mass culture, considering possibilities for various forms of appropriation of cultural products, as well as shifts and dissonances in receptions. To analyze these aspects, the paper focuses on feminine receptions in Brazil and the United States, and those of a male homosexual public contemporary to her career.


Carmen Miranda; Mass Culture; Consumption; Negotiations; Dislocations

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Rev. Estud. Fem., ISSN 1806-9584, Florianópolis, Brasil.