Muscle power and repeated sprint ability in soccer players

Juliano Dal Pupo, Carlos Miguel Porto Almeida, Daniele Detanico, Juliano Fernandes da Silva, Luiz Guilherme Antonacci Guglielmo, Saray Giovana dos Santos


Muscle power is one of the most important physical qualities of soccer player performance and needs to be maintained during a match. Thus, the aim of this study was to investigate the levels of muscle power in soccer players before and after performing repeated sprints (RS), and the association between power and RS performance. Twenty soccer players from the under-20 category aged 18-20 years participated in this study. The study consisted of the execution of vertical jumps, execution of RS, new execution of vertical jumps, and collection of blood samples. The continuous jump (CJ) test was performed on a piezoelectric force platform for the measurement of muscle power and the RAST test was used to evaluate RS ability. No significant difference in the levels of muscle power was observed after RS (p=0.57). Significant differences were observed in the first to fifth sprint times (p< 0.01), but not between the fifth and sixth sprint (p=0.06). CJ height before RS was correlated with first sprint time (r=-0.62, p< 0.01), best sprint time (r=-0.60, p< 0.01), and average sprint time (r= -0.54, p<0.01). In conclusion, the soccer players studied showed no significant reduction in muscle power after RS. A decrease in performance was observed from the first to the fifth sprint, but not between the fifth and sixth sprint. The muscle power of soccer players was a determinant factor to perform one maximum sprint, as well as successive sprints.


Muscle strength; Muscle fatigue; Soccer; Força muscular; Fadiga muscular; Futebol.


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