Serum measurement of muscle and oxidative damage in soccer players after a game

Cláudio Teodoro Souza, Cleber Medeiros, Luciano Acordi Silva, Tiago Silveira, Paulo Cesar Silveira, Cleber Aurino Pinho, Debora Luz Scheffer, Ricardo Aurino Pinho


Futsal is a sport that requires sudden acceleration and deceleration with abrupt changes in direction. The marked impacts experienced by futsal players lead to muscle and oxidative damage. The objective of this study was to evaluate the serum levels of markers of muscle and oxidative damage in futsal players after a game. Six players with a mean age of 21.2 ± 0.98 years, weight of 67.1 ± 5.5 kg and height of 171.0 ± 0.07 cm participated in this study. Measurements were obtained 30 minutes before game 1 (pre-game), immediately after game 1 (post-game 1), and immediately after a second game (post-game 2), which was performed 24 hours after game 1. Serum was collected for the evaluation of creatine kinase and of damage to proteins and lipids. Creatine kinase concentrations, lipid peroxidation (xylenol) and protein carbonylation were significantly higher after games 1 and 2 when compared to pre-game values. Sulfhydryl levels were lower after the end of games 1 and 2 compared to pre-game values. No difference in any of the parameters analyzed was observed between post-game 1 and post-game 2. Taken together, the results demonstrate that a futsal match provokes muscle and oxidative damage. Surprisingly, no increase in the parameters studied was observed after game 2. In view of the limited knowledge about the time of recovery after a futsal match, this study may provide important information to professionals working with this sport.


Futsal; Esporte; Dano muscular; Estresse oxidativo; Futsal; Sport; Muscle damage; Oxidative stress.


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