Kinetic characteristics of the gait of a musician carrying or not his instrument

Clarissa Stefani Teixeira, Fausto Kothe, Érico Felden Pereira, Carlos Bolli Mota


The integrity of the locomotor system can be compromised by the transport of certain objects, especially when done in an inadequate manner. Due to their weight and size, the transport of musical instruments can contribute to body dysfunctions in musicians who frequently have to carry their instruments, influencing balance and body posture. Thus, the soil reaction force was investigated during the gait of a musician carrying or not his instrument. Two AMTI (Advanced Mechanical Technologies, Inc.) platforms were used for kinetic data acquisition. A total of 40 measurements were obtained for gait and balance: 20 without carrying the instrument and 20 while carrying the instrument. The t test showed significant differences between the two situations for all variables analyzed. The results suggest that the locomotor system suffers alterations when carrying any kind of load, as was the case here in which the subject carried 7.75% of his own weight.


Marcha; Equilíbrio; Saúde do trabalhador;Gait; Balance; Occupational health


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