Impact of adhesion reasons in the motivational regulation of master swimmers during the season

Caio Rosas Moreira, José Roberto Andrade do Nascimento Junior, Marcus Vinicius Mizoguchi, Daniel Vicentini de Oliveira, Lenamar Fiorese Vieira


There are several reasons that lead a person to start and stay in a sport. In this case, reasons have fundamental importance for athlete motivation, once the higher the motivation, the more constant the search for better performance and continuity in sport. This study investigated the impact of adhesion reasons to the practice on the motivation of master swimmers. Survey participants were 48 master swimming athletes over a year of competition. Data collection was conducted with the Diagnostic Instrument of Adhesion of Swimming Practice and Sport Motivation Scale. For data analysis, Shapiro-Wilk, Friedman, Wilcoxon, Spearman correlation and Uni/Multivariate Regression were conducted (p<0.05). Results showed that adhesion reasons throughout the season remained the same (Well-Being and Prevention); identification extrinsic motivation increased over the year (p<0.05). Social Recognition reason had significant impact (p<0.05) on the External Regulation extrinsic motivation over the season, whereas Challenge, Performance and Social Recognition had an effect (p<0.05) on the self-determined motivation during the sporting year. It was concluded that for master athletes, self-determination is influenced by pursuit of performance and social relationship from the middle to the end of the competitive year. In addition, external reasons are critical throughout the season, especially at the beginning of the competition year.


Athletes; Motivation; Sport psychology; Swimming

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