Peak height velocity in anthropometry and body composition of students

Edilson Hobold, Lucinar Jupir Forner Flores, Ricardo Brandt, Oldemar Mazzardo Junior, Miguel de Arruda


The aim of this study was to analyze the age of Peak Height Velocity (PHV), anthropometric variables and body composition of students from the western state of Paraná. he study included 1,011 male students aged 12-15 years from 11 municipalities located around the Itaipu lake. Anthropometric and body composition variables were obtained according to international criteria. Biological maturation was determined by age of PHV and for the purpose of analysis, it was categorized into developmental levels. The results reinforce, as expected, an increasing trend of variables analyzed as students advanced in maturity. hus, it was concluded that with the advancement of maturation, anthropometric variables maintain a linear growth observed in each PHV stratum. his linear trend is not observed in body composition. Body fat showed a decrease in average values as the individual approaches PHV.


Adolescent; Anthropometry; Body Composition; Growth

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