Timed up and go test and self-perceived health in elderly: population-based study

Rosilene Andrade Silva Rodrigues, Margarete Marques Teodózio, Mariano Martínez Espinosa, Waléria Christiane Rezende Fett, Claudia Duarte Melo, Carlos Alexandre Fett


 Due to the aging process, chronic diseases arise with increased use of medications and there is a need to evaluate the elderly to prevent functional dependence and falls. The aim of this study was to compare gender, sociodemographic characteristics, fall occurrences, self-reported diseases, quantity of drugs with timed up and go test (TUG) and TUG-cognitive, and to associate these factors with the self-perception of health of the elderly in the community. Were selected 513 elderly people, with 384 that completed the TUG test to evaluate the functional capacity. There was difference between the female and male, in the variables: age-group 70 to 79 years (p=0.036) ≥ 80 years (p=0.013); per capita income in the female ≤ 1 minimum wage (p=0.005) and >2 (p=0.013), falls (p=0.001), systemic hypertension (p<0.001), arthritis or rheumatism (p=0.033), depression (p=0.048), osteoporosis (p<0.001), medications 3 to 4 (p=0.008), self-perceived health (p=0.030) and in the TUG (p<0.001) and TUG-cognitive (p=0.002). The prevalence by Poisson regression Robust (RPa), the variables associated with health self-perceived: heart disease (p=0,047), stroke (p=<0,001), osteoporosis (p=0,013) and TUG motor (p=0,028). Women had more health problems, weakness and poor physical performance, indicating the need for special attention as the aging aspects. So, TUG test can be useful tool for risk evaluate of falls in the elderly living in the community.


Accidental falls; Aging; Chronic diseases; Frail elderly; Physical fitness

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1590/1980-0037.2018v20n3p247

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