Violence in soccer: a socio-psychological review

Mário Luiz Couto Barroso, Nívia Marcia Velho, Alex Christiano Barreto Fensterseifer


Violence in Soccer has been worrying specialists in Physical Education, Psychology, Sociology, Law and Press for many years. Despite their best efforts to reduce it, violence continues to increase. The purpose of this review study is to verify what the above-mentioned sciences have to say about violence in soccer. The literature suggests that there are two big theories about this problem: an internal and psychological one, and an external and sociological one. Therefore, data analyses suggests a two way intervention in order to change the increasing aggressive behavior in Soccer: an internal action, consisting in an interdisciplinary task between coaching staff, psychologists and aggressive athletes; and an external action, involving important changes in Soccer rules to make athletes play as cautiously as if they were about to earn a second yellow card during that match or a third accumulative card before an important match.


Violência; Agressão; Futebol; Comportamento; Psicologia <p> Violence; Aggression; Soccer; Behavior; Psychology


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