Annual alteration in the growth and health-related physical fitness of the school children

Gabriel Gustavo Bergman, Mauren Lúcia Braga de Araújo, Daniel Carlos Garlipp, Thiago Del Corona Lorenzi, Adroaldo Gaya


The follow-up of growth and physical fitness is important because it enables to verify health status during determined periods in a population. The aim of this study was to track the changes in growth and health-related physical fitness (HRPF) of students during a year period and also to compare them with HRPF criteria. The sample consisted of 61 students of both sexes (31 boys and 30 girls) measured in August 2001 and in August 2002 as well. Growth was evaluated by stature and body weight and HRPF by some tests of the battery proposed by PROESP-BR, having as reference the HRPF health zone of the Physical Best (AAHPERD, 1988) and Fitnessgram (COOPER INSTITUTE OF AEROBICS RESEARCH, 1987). Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and Student’s t-test for paired samples. The results showed that students had high indexes for stature and body weight. Excepted for body composition, the students had low HRPF, presenting high prevalence of below health zone for the physical fitness components.


Crescimento; Aptidão física; Saúde <p> Growth; Physical fitness; Health.


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