Oxygen uptake during the exercise: temporal aspectos and adjustments of curves

Adriano Eduardo Lima Silva, Fernando Roberto de Oliveira


The oxygen uptake has been considered as one of the most important physiological variables for exercise physiology. The first models relating oxygen uptake with performance emerged in the beginning of last century and it has been intensely discussed in the literature until today. This review discussed some topics about oxygen uptake, more specifically on aspects related with the kinetic and influences of the time response of this variable on the adjustment curve during an incremental test. Discussion on the level of aerobic condition and exercise intensity on the kinetics of oxygen uptake are also included in the text. Finally, verification on the slow component and on the physiological control of the oxygen uptake kinetics is also presented.


Cinética do consumo de oxigênio; Ajuste de curvas; Componente lento <p> Oxygen uptake kinetics; Curves adjustment; Slow component

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1590/%25x

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