Age related morphological alterations in elderly women

Maressa Priscila Krause, Cosme Franklim Buzzachera, Tatiane Hallage, Elisa César Ribeiro dos Santos, Sergio Gregorio da Silva


The purpose of the present study was to present the morphological profile of elderly women from different age groups. The sample was made of 1,016 women, with age greater than 60 years. The following anthropometric variables were measured: body mass, height, circumferences and skin folds and percent body fat was calculated. The mean values of the variables body mass, height, body mass index, circumferences and skin folds decreased in the younger women group when they were compared to the oldest women. More expressive declines occurred in arm, midthigh, and medial calf circumferences, indicating a possible smaller muscle mass in older populations.
Despite the fact that the body mass index mean values classify elderly women, predominantly, as overweight, it
seems that the individuals that reach older age are those that present less body fatness. It´s suggested that future studies investigate these modifications in different populations, as elderly men.


Composição corporal; Antropometria; Envelhecimento; Body composition; Anthropometry; Aging


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