Body fat in judokas: cross-validation of lohman’s equation

Maria Fatima Glaner MFG Glaner, Ciro José Brito


Combat sports are disputed in weight categories. The greater the proportion of lean mass per kilogram of body mass, the greater a fi ghter’s capacity to exert force will be. Therefore, estimating percentage body fat (%F) is of fundamental importance for deciding in which category a fi ghter will compete. Therefore, the objective of this study was to verify the cross-validity of Lohman’s equation (LE) 7 for the estimation of %F in fi ghters. The sample comprised 30 male judokas, resident in the Distrito Federal, Brazil and with a mean age of 25.1±4.5 years, mean body mass of 81.8±12.5 kg and mean height of 176.3±7.1 cm. Hydrostatic weighing (HW) was used as the gold standard for cross-validation. The statistical criteria employed were those proposed by Lohman7 with the addition of residual score analysis.17 Correlation was high (r= 0.80) and signifi cant (p≤0.0005). Both the constant error and the standard error of estimation were less than 3.5%. The %FLE (15.1±4.7) was signifi cantly different (p≤0.0005) from the %FHW (11.9±4.2). Lohman’s equation signifi cantly overestimated the %F. The residual scores demonstrated a lack of agreement between %FLE and %FHW, of up to 8.5%F. This being so, Lohman’s equation does not exhibit cross-validity for this sample of judokas.


Composição corporal; Antropometria; Validade dos testes; Dobras cutâneas; Estudos de validação; Artes. <p> Body composition; Anthropometry; Validity of tests; Skinfold thickness; Validation studies; Martial arts.


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