Assessment of somatotype in young voleyball players: Validity as criteria to select young sports talents

Moisés de Hoyo Lora, Borja Sañudo Corrales, Luís Carrasco Páez


The anthropometric characteristics of athletes can determine their sporting performance. For this reason, we’ve defined the somatotype of young volleyball players in order to be able to control their sports training and to ensure their appropriate athletic development. In the present investigation 154 male and female volleyball players (aged from 12 to 14 years) were analyzed. Data were collected according to the ISAK protocol. The results show an endomesomorphic profile for male and female volleyball players agreeing with the predominant profile at these ages. However, after comparing these data with results obtained in other studies, we observed a certain homogeneity in the male somatotype, invalidating the current trend of using this parameter as criteria to select young sports talent. However, somatotype could be a factor to take into account with female athletes, since their profile is much more heterogeneous.


Voleibol; Jóvenes; Somatotipo; Detección de talentos; Volleyball; Young athletes; Somatotype; Select sports talents.


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