Physical activity and associated factors among students attending evening classes

Fabio Luis Ceschini, Erinaldo Luiz de Andrade, Aylton Figueira Júnior


The aim of this study was to describe the physical activity level and associated factors among students attending evening classes in public and private schools in a region of the city of São Paulo. The sample was composed of 1,844 adolescents of both sexes aged 15-20 years. Three public and private schools in the city of São Paulo were visited. Daily physical activity level was assessed through International Physical Activity Questionnaire that classifies physical activity level. Physical activity level was divided into insufficiently active (when subject reported less than 300 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activities per week) and physically active (when subject reported more than 300 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activities per week). Information related to risk behavior such as smoking and alcohol consumption was collected. Data were analyzed using logistic regression with three levels of data input and p<.05 as significance level. The prevalence of physically active adolescents was 36.1%. Most active subjects were: A) younger boys with low socioeconomic levels; B) adolescents from private schools; C)  adolescents that do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages; D) those who do not attend formal exercise program; E) those who go to school to perform physical activities on weekends. Adolescents attending evening classes tended to be insufficiently active. We believe that school structure, working hours, and distance from home and workplace to school and risk factor should explain these data. Intervention programs could significantly contribute to increase the physical activity level among adolescents.



Adolescents; Evening classes; Motor activity.

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