Study of the some physicals variables how factors of the influence in judoistics lesions

Saray Giovana dos Santos, Maria de Fátima Silva Duarte, Mauro Luciano Galli


The objective of this descriptive longitudinal tendency study was to analyze the influence of the length of time judo athletes had been practicing judo, their judo grade (belt color) and their physical preparation on the injuries they suffered over a 12-month period. Forty-two judo athletes took part in the first evaluation, 18 in the second and eight in the last. The mean age of the group was 23.7 ± 7.4, with a mean time practicing judo of 6.7 ± 6.3 years and comprised 10 white belts, one blue, four yellow, five orange, five green, three purple, eight brown and six black belts. Data was collected where the judo athletes practiced, by means of physical evaluation tests and anthropometrical measurements. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, chi-squared test, student’s t test, one way ANOVA and multiple regression analysis. The results demonstrated that: the group suffered 42 injuries; no association (p < 0.05) was found between judo grade and number of injuries (c2c = 3.71), or between time practicing judo and number of injuries (c2c = 0.12); the only significant difference found was between the fi rst and second evaluation in relation to arm strength, (tc = -3,66), and when one-way ANOVA was applied no significant difference was found in any of the variables. The multiple regression model (r2 = 0,63174), demonstrated that for 63,17% of the judo athletes, injuries can be explained by the effects of the aforementioned variables. The conclusion was that neither the time practicing judo nor the judo grade affected the number of lesions; however, there was interference by most of the variables inherent to physical preparation.


Lesões; Judô; Condicionamento Físico; Lesions; Judo; Physical preparation


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