Perhappiness: The art of compromise in translating poetry or: ‘Steering Betwixt Two Extremes’.


  • Juliet Attwater Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina



poetry translation, brazilian poetic tradition, translational approaches and strategies.


In the following article I will debate the possibility (or impossibility) of poetry translation and give an overview of historical approaches to the translation of poetry, as well as translational theories used for its realization and analysis. I will briefly trace the history of the Brazilian poetic tradition and treat differences in language, genre and prosody between Brazilian and English poetry before outlining the personal aims and strategies which I adopted for a commissioned translation of a sonnet by the Brazilian poet Glauco Mattoso for the on-line poetry journal Slope, and attempting to evaluate the resulting translation within the context of the ideas discussed in the article.

Biografia do Autor

Juliet Attwater, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Possui graduação em Creative Arts pela Trent University (1990) e mestrado em Translation Studies pela Middlesex University (2002) . Tem experiência na área de Letras , com ênfase em ESTUDOS DE TRADUÇÃO. Atuando principalmente nos seguintes temas: teoria da traduçaõ, traduçaõ de poesia, literatura brasileira.

Mais informações: Currículo Lattes - CNPq.