The dynamic-contextual-method applied to one of Ricardo Reis' Odes

Leonor Scliar Cabral


Through the contextual approach (Slama-Cazacu, 1984), we
try to restore the speech chain that ties the writer (poet or
novelist) to the receiver (the absent reader) both in
different spaces and times. We try to unveil the moment or
moments of the birth of text when past experiences directly
lived by the author (see the role of these data in Prado
Coelho, 1963:285-290) are mixed with the voices of other
authors read by him and which are the starting factors of the
text. Finally, we try to understand the different
interpretations given by readers whose cognitive schemata were fed by other cosmovisions and to investigate why, nevertheless, the link still remains possible.


Copyright (c) 1988 Leonor Scliar Cabral

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