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Author Guidelines

All submitted articles are reviewed first by the responsible editor. Once approved, they are submitted to two referees, who through a blind evaluation shall give their final assessment on the article. The articles are only going to be approved provided they are in accordance to the proposed theme for each edition. For further information, see the summaries below.

All communication with this journal, including the article submission, must be made through this website in the spaces reserved for these purposes. To submit articles, you must register on the website (, fill in correctly the required data, follow the instructions and send the file relating to your text in accordance with the norms.

Text -
The submitted articles should be in accordance to the following formats and configurations, according to each section of the Journal Ilha do Desterro:

a - Article - The text should be a result of a research (bibliographical, documental, experimental, to mention a few), preferrably one that is concluded. The research should present theoretical and metodological parts, a theoretical reflection that deepens a theme or a new important approach to an academic debate. The article should also present the employed procedures in the research and the results - maximum 25 pages, single space. 
b - Reviews - Text that presents a critical review of newly published (last 3 years) books in the fields of Language and corresponding Literature - maximum 8 pages, single space.

c - Interviews - Exclusive interviews related to the subject of the specific issue - maximum 25 pages, single-spaced.

Editorial Norms of the Journal Ilha do Desterro - The Editorial Board of the Journal Ilha do Desterro establishes the following editorial norms to the acceptance of original articles and reviews:

  1. The texts should be typed with the following configuration: single space, size 12, Times News Roman font, paper size A4, without paragraph markings.
  2. The first page should start with the header, containing the title of the text and its translation into the English language (if in Portuguese), Interlinear space should be left blank between the title and its translation into the English language (if it is in Portuguese). There should be spacing between all section headings and text.
  3. The header must be followed by a abstract of the article expressing, clearly, the idea of the work. If the article is in Portuguese, you need an English and a Portuguese version of the abstract;
  4. The key-words should come just below the abstract. These must represent the subject of the article and follow the language of the abstract. That is, abstracts in English are followed by key-words in English; Portuguese abstracts are followed by key-words in Portuguese. In both cases, they must be separated by semicolon. It is suggested to use three to five terms;
  5. The citations in the text should be written according to the stylistic pattern of each area: Literature - MLA (8th edition), Linguistics - APA and Portuguese - ABNT;
  6. The use of notes, quotes, charts, tables, figures, photographs, etc., should be kept to a minimum;
  7. It is recommended to include the name (s) of invidual (s) that was in some way involved in collecting data, illustrations, or even the use of laboratories mentioning "THANKS" before the References;
  8. The originals should be paginated;

Ilha do Desterro does not have submission or article processing charges (APCs).


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. The contribution is original and unpublished, and is not being evaluated for publication by another journal, otherwise justified in "Comments to the Editor" at the time of the submission of the article. Only texts in accordance with the journal's proposed theme will be accepted. The texts may be submitted in Portuguese or English.
  2. Articles should not exceed nine (9) thousand words approximately 25 pages, A4 paper, including references, notes and tables. The reviews should be up to two (2) thousand words, about 8 pages.
  3. Articles should include abstract (maximum 10 lines) and key-words (maximum 5 words). The submission file is in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or RTF.
  4. Articles related to Literature adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements of the MLA - Modern Language Association, and APA for linguistic articles.
  5. The text should also follow the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines.
  6. The identification of authorship of this work should be removed from the file and the option Properties from the Word, thus ensuring the Journal's confidentiality criteria.
  7. Works that have at least one doctorate are accepted. PhD Candidates can submit articles without doctors as co-authors, provided he/she sends us an advisor's letter explaining the reasons for his/her absence. Masters and Master students can submit articles co-authored by PhD researchers. The Editorial Board understands that the supervision of students should be explicit, and should not be taken as co-authors. Derived from Master`s or Doctoral`s research articles should include the supervisor`s name in a footnote, and not as co-author. An exception is made for reviews, doctoral students` reviews are allowed.
  8. In the case of inserting images (photos, engravings, paintings, etc.), the authors are responsable for the the reproduction rights.

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