Postcolonial Longing on the Australian Cinematic Frontier


  • Pauline Marsh University of Tasmania



Australian Film, Reconciliation Cinema, Colonial Australia, Aboriginal Representation, Australian Frontier Drama


The Tracker and Red Hill are cinematic re-interpretations of Australia’s colonial past, which they characterise by a sense of postcolonial longing and an expectation of intimacy. Both films are portals through which arguments about historical truth, subjective memory and contemporary realities are explored and tested. In this paper I argue that both these two films create the idea that the historical colonial space was a constant interplay of violence and beauty, and of hatred and friendship. As black and white characters negotiate their way in and around these seemingly polemical positions, viewers are also challenged to do the same.

Biografia do Autor

Pauline Marsh, University of Tasmania

Dr Pauline Marsh is a researcher and teacher with the Centre for Rural Health. She has published in international journals in the areas of Aboriginal Studies, Film Theory and Palliative Care and is the director of her own short revisionist history film, The Conquest of Emmie (2016). Pauline has an established participant observation research relationship with a rural community garden in southern Tasmania and teaches into postgraduate primary health care units.


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