Exile Island and Global Conversation: Ilha do Desterro Bridges Languages and Cultures


  • Renata Wasserman Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina




This is a concise overview of the publication history of Ilha do Desterro, which shows some changes in format, but a consistent and ever-widening interest in language broadly deined, from linguistics to literature to ilm, as it manifests itself in diferent languages, places, and times. he journal publishes in English and Portuguese, but this overview, aware of the impossibility of covering the entire array of essays that appeared in its extended history, limits itself to notes on articles dealing with Anglophone expression by itself and in comparison to its counterparts in the Lusophone world.

Biografia do Autor

Renata Wasserman, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Renata Ruth M. Wasserman is a Professor Emerita in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Wayne State University. She is a PhD in English and American Literature and she is currently the International Editor of Ilha do Desterro Journal.





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