Manufaturando dissidência: performance e política em the Noam Chomsky Lectures

Sonia Torres


This essay discusses The Chomsky Lectures, written and performed by Guillermo Verdecchia and Daniel Brooks. Conceived as a “perpetual workshop”, and structured around “lectures” on Chomsky’s ideas, the play endeavors to point to the political as an everyday necessity, or to
politics as performativity, acting out/teaching how to resist the
manufacture of consent. Through this form of political theater, the Canadian duo develops an alternative way to alert the audience to the gradual and uniform bombardment of information, whose filtered and homogenized contents are detrimental do contemporary policies of diversity, at the same time that they deconstruct the Canadian citizens’
“necessary illusions” about their role vis-a-vis this model.


performance and the media; political theater; didactic theater;


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