On gender and writing

Arnold Gordenstein


In the introduction to this collection of 22 essays on
gender and writing the editor confesses:

I was never interested in including articles
which would attack the idea of whether gender
and the writing process had anything in common.
I wasn't interested in anyone who held an
'androgyny' view of the writing process or in
anyone who had anti-feminist views. The people
I asked were all people who had something
positive to say about how they saw gender and
the writing process coming together in their
work. (p.9)

Consequently one finishes this book with the impression that
almost all these writers know one another and share views on
politics, literature and sex. The largest group of essays is
from single mothers or gay women who write fiction, theater or poetry. Of the 22 writers almost all are British, all but 3 1/2
are female (the half because he "shares" a doubled personality with his wife), all but a few speak of being formed by the turbulent 1960's.


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Copyright (c) 1985 Arnold Gordenstein

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