Study of mythopoetic primitivism in a brief poem by mario de andrade

Robert DiAntonio


The weapon of poetry turns against natural
things and wounds or murders them... to
construct something that is not a copy of
"nature" and yet possesses substance of
its own is a feat which presupposes
nothing less than genius.
Jose Ortega y Gassed

The literary ballad, an increasingly popular genre this
century, consciously attempts to emulate the mythic and
primitive aspects of the orally transmitted folk ballad. "A
Serra do Rola-MOca" by Mario de Andrade masterfully exemplifies the consummate depth and brilliance that the modern folk ballad is capable of attaining.
Upon superficial analysis this work appears to be nothing
more than a simple folk narrative, but in essence it emxrcpasses a contemporary mytho-poetic vision of reality rooted in deep psychic and primal elements. This primal vision is subliminally accessable and interpretable only in terms of a psychological analysis of the subject matter. In the work at hand, Andrade creates a personal mythology, one which remains poignantly faithful to the common font of animistic primitivism common to all mythologies.


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