Discovery of the World

Maria Cristina Schleder de Borba


Ascher-Straus"Discovery of the World" is presented as a two-levelled guide to a trip that takes place both in the real world matrix of the poem (the concrete trip from New York to New Jersey) and in the inserts (a stream of consciousness that has been tripped into existence by the matrix of external reality).
The poem is an epistemological guide to a "nouvelle-vague" objectcentered way of creation where objects, material parts of the world, play a central role. Within the tradition of post-modern obsessed authors, Ascher-Straus become prophets attempting to conduct us to the innerness of everyday reality of objets' phenomenology. Their verse is a text book which
shows a new vision of the world through literature.


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Copyright (c) 1981 Maria Cristina Schleder de Borba

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