The Opium Must Go Thru

Anita Flanders Rebello


In The Opium Must Go Thru, Charles Potts' "potty" poetic
prose puns away in an irreverential anti-civilization protest
against everything that is new-old to sublime the old-new - but
the dark and light of Yin and Yang are the same that bothered
Shakespeare in his day.
This book, as the drawings by Robert McNealy illustrate,
is a mad socio-economic philosophic chess game. . . an intel
lectual whooped up hippy riddle. You ask yourself if Potts
is a brain or a bum. The words and the thought behind the
words are an exasperating jumble, until you get the "beat" -
the mood - maybe a couple of beers, a little "pot". . . No,that
won't help because it's too haphardly logical "The water
buffalo who bailed out the hot green house once turned to an
underfucked cow and murmured "Nobody here understands what I say". And Potts can jump from this hurly-burly into crystal clear statements such as, "But the children can think circles around them. Children have always been the redeemers."


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Copyright (c) 1979 Anita Flanders Rebello

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