Alba Nemesis

Irene Maria Dietschi


The China Poems seem to be a cycle, because they comprise
a period of nine years, from 1969 to 1978. Carol Berge portrays the Chinese world in the States, the shock of two cultures the encounter of East and West, of dark and bright. mysteryand clarity. East and West are painted as Siamese twins, Chang and Eng, as a unit, "connected by more than flesh." Although a unit, the twins are individuals, with an individual life. The world , here is seen as a unit, there are differences, there are East and West, but there is also a common denominator which connects differences - halves - which can be called the human condition .
The Chinese immigrants, in their condition of newcomers ,
suffer the process of an unavoidable adaptation, the common
conflict of strangers in an extraneous homeland. "Chinese mur
miming Buddhist liturgies carelessly translated from Latin
versions of the same repressive history."


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