Procedimentos metodológicos na construção do conhecimento científico: a pesquisa bibliográfica

Telma Cristiane Sasso de Lima, Regina Célia Tamaso Mioto


This article concerns bibliographic research in the context of production of knowledge, as a methodological procedure that offers the researcher the possibility of seeking solutions to a research problem. It recognizes the need to present the scientific method chosen by the researcher; to present the forms of construction of the methodological design and the choice of procedures; and demonstrates how the presentation and analysis of the data obtained is configured. It also presents a methodological design of successive approximations, considering that the flexibility in the apprehension of data guarantees the dialectical movement in which the object of study can be constantly revised. That is, it postulates that bibliographic research involves conducting a tireless movement of apprehension of objectives, observance of steps, reading, questioning and critical interlocution with the bibliographic material and this demands epistemological vigilance.


Pesquisa bibliográfica; Procedimentos metodológicos; Bibliographic research; Methodological procedures

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