What is the intensity of exercise sessions of a physical exercise program for older adults?

Lucélia Justino Borges, Simone Teresinha Meurer, Rossana Arruda Borges, Aline Mendes Gerage, Tânia Rosane Bertoldo Benedetti


The objectives of this study were to describe and determine the intensity of sessions of a physical exercise program (PEP) for older adults developed within the primary healthcare network of Florianópolis, and to compare the intensity of the sessions between groups using three cutoffs. Eight sessions involving 31 older adults divided into groups I and group II were analyzed. The total time spent during the sessions was considered. Intensity was measured with a triaxial accelerometer and classified according to three different cutoffs. Sociodemographic data, perceived health status, functional fitness, nutritional status and physical activity level at the beginning of the program were also evaluated. The majority of older adults was insufficiently active, was overweight, had low functional fitness, and reported that their health status did not impair physical activity. The mean time spent in moderate physical activity ranged from 1.4 and 16.3 min in group I and from 6.6 and 23.2 min in group II, with the difference being significant. The mean time spent in sedentary activities was 18.7 and 20.5 min for groups I and II, respectively. The findings suggest that the PEP sessions mainly consisted of light or sedentary activities and that the short time spent in more intense activities might be related to the characteristics of the group and to the teaching method adopted by the professionals. 


Accelerometer; Health promotion; Motor activity; Older adult; Physical exercise

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1590/1980-0037.2015v17n5p527

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