Manufacture strategy stages and strategy-as-practice phases

Lígia Maria Heinzmann, Rosália Aldraci Barbosa Lavarda, Denise Del Prá Netto Machado, Nelson Hein


These studies aimed to analyze the stage of the manufacture strategies in the units of the organization, in agreement with the adaptation of the Manufacture Strategy Model of Bates et al (1995) and the phases that characterizes the strategy-as-practice. This sample composed by 22 leaderships of the units (Goiás/GO), Rio Grande do Sul (RS) and São Paulo (SP). The research used a diffuse genetic model and the Software MATLAB® 5.0. Regarding the manufactures strategies stage, Goiás meets in the stage 3 (develops basis to business strategy) – and some characteristics belonging to stage 4. The Unit RS meets in stage 4, with some characteristics of stage 3. São Paulo meets in stage 3, with some characteristics still of stage 2. The phase Production Strategy Force appears significantly in the three Units analyzed. Concerning the phases that characterize the strategy-as-practice, the Units RS and Goiás present similarity in most phases.



Organization; Manufacture strategy; Strategy-as-practice; Strategizing; Diffuse genetic model

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