Since Yesterday: The Nineteen Thirties in America. By Frederick Allen Lewis. New York: Bantam Books, 1939. 292pp.

Eileen Klink


Material Covered:
A compendium of events, people, places, and settings of the
Thirties, this book offers information on:

1.chronology and impact of events on national and international levels–from the prelude to the Panic, September 3, 1929, through the outbreak of the war with Germany, September 3, 1939.

2.major political and business figures plus celebrities of the
era–Hoover, Roosevelt, Hitler, Charles Lindbergh, Fred &
Gracie Allen, etc.

3.influential organizations and unions.

4.statistical information and analysis.

5. day–to–day life—e.g., the books, magazines, and newspapers; films and radio programs; automobiles; fashions; the weather.


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