Neoliberalism, Applied Linguistics and the PNLD


  • Vanderlei J. Zacchi Universidade Federal de Sergipe



Based on the book Neoliberalism and Applied Linguistics (Block, Gray & Holborow, 2012a), this paper aims at discussing the relationship between these two concepts. After a general discussion on the subject, the paper will deal with the use of celebrities in English language textbooks as an element of identification and as a means to advance neoliberal values. A second aspect refers to the promotion of social and cultural diversity and pluralism in a way that may be also attending to the market’s interests. These aspects will finally be analysed in the series Links(Santos & Marques, 2009a, 2009b, 2009c), of the National Textbook Program (PNLD) for primary education. Whereas the textbooks use celebrities and present other neoliberal tendencies, they also propose activities that seek to promote citizenship and inclusion, probably in order to fulfil the Ministry of Education's demands through PNLD. This ambiguity may be related to the fact that the PNLD is a state-run program for public education that relies on the commercial editorial market to produce and sell the textbooks.

Biografia do Autor

Vanderlei J. Zacchi, Universidade Federal de Sergipe

Doutor em Estudos Linguísticos e Literários em Inglês pela Universidade de São Paulo e professor do Departamento de Letras Estrangeiras e do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Letras da Universidade Federal de Sergipe. É pesquisador adjunto do Centre for Globalization and Cultural Studies da Universidade de Manitoba, Canadá, e coordenador do GT Transculturalidade, Linguagem e Educação da ANPOLL.